1) Lift in the mornings

While life is going by remember you always can wake up early and take yourself to the gym. Getting your workout done early in the morning prevents you from building up a mountain of excuses you would use to not go after work. Lifting in the morning actually helps keep your mentally alert and focused throughout the day as well.

2) Change up your workout

If you get bored easily and daily with your routine, why are you still stuck doing the same thing? Remember that change is inevitable in life and so should it be utilized in your workouts to keep your body challenged and pushing it’s limits. For a proper workout plan use professional personal trainer. Era Fit offers .

3) Change your grip placement

This tip has helped me tremendously and it didn’t cost a damn thing. Going with a wider grip vs narrow. It sounds so easy and arbitrary but it can have the biggest affect on muscle growth. For example: When doing your chest press go with an underhand grip instead of overhand. This can really help boost growth in your upper chest. Who wouldn’t want that?

4) Cardio for muscle gain? Wait, what?

That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Endurance is everything in muscle building. I do not care whether you are bulking, shredding or maintaining. Some type of aerobic activity should be performed to exercise and grow lung capacity and overall heart health. The more endurance you have the harder and longer you can train and subsequently hit and increased protein synthesis.

For everyone that says cardio costs you gains, well then you simply need to eat more. Simply add in more calories on sprinting days.

5) Liquid carbs

Try consuming liquid carbs 45–50 minutes pre workout. Not to sell you any products but giving your body energy it needs to go through a tough workout will really keep your focused and alert and prevent fatigue. It’s easier to digest liquid carbs as well.

6) Change up your cardio for fat loss

So many of us get caught in the habit of doing the stair master or the treadmill a few days a week. We put on our headphones for 45–60 minutes and trudge away. Switch it up. Go outside, do some sprints, run some hills, swim laps. Why do more people not do this? Because walking on a treadmill or a step mill for 45 minutes is way easier than running hills in the summer heat. Our body is designed to be efficient, it does not want to be low body fat.

The body will do everything it can to out smart you and return to homeostasis (both a good thing and bad if not challenged). This is why so many rebound after or high cardio regimen. Performing the same type of cardio at same intensity day in and day out loses its effectiveness. Studies have shown the body begins to adapt in about 7–10 days and reduces the amount of fat calories being burned. This is not the case with performed at shorter more intense duration's.

7) Pick up the pace

If you’re not sweating within the first 15–20 mins of your workout, either you’ve already done it and its too easy for you or you have the endurance of a teenager. Remember that your should get in and get out. Don’t waste your time and other by swiping right, texting or worse taking selfies.

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